Simon’s Sauce – Family-owned brand of natural & homemade sauces, was founded in Moscow, Russia.


All tastes are unique. Recipes are taken from our family’s cookbook and inspired by traveling and visiting different countries and cuisines.


We use only fresh and natural ingredients without any preservatives and dyestuff.

Herbs, nuts and everything for our sauces we sort out manually.

Simon’s Sauce is a Vegan-friendly brand. We use only ingredients of plant origin.


We believe that our sauces can help people to have great and tasty meals every day, to be healthier and to live a longer life.


Enjoy your meal with Simon's Sauce! 


 Our flavours:

Simon’s Sauce "Cranberry"


Suitable for traditional dishes of mutton, poultry, and duck.

Can also be approached to pancakes. Its basis is fresh cranberry and oranges.

 Simon’s Sauce "Tomato"


Sauce from fresh tomatoes and yellow bell pepper.

It is used as a base for homemade pizza, pasta, and bruschetta with cheese. 

 Simon’s Sauce "Basil"


This sauce is ideal for lasagna and pasta. Also, serves as an excellent dressing for vegetable salads and snacks.

This sauce included fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Oil Olive.

Simon’s Sauce "Coriander with nuts"

A universal sauce based on fresh Coriander with walnuts.

It is combined with any kind of meat and fish, side dishes, and vegetables, you can also use it as a separate snack.

 Simon’s Sauce "Sun-dried tomatoes"

Universal sauce based on dried tomatoes and black olives with the addition of fresh basil. Combines with all kinds of snacks, side dishes, and vegetables. 

Simon’s Sauce “Vinaigrette”

The basis of this sauce is fresh tarragon and balsamic vinegar. This is an ideal dressing for vegetables and salads.

Simon’s Sauce "Mint"

The basis of this sauce is fresh mint and fresh parsley. 

Mint sauce will suit the dishes of mutton, white fish, and seafood.

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